How to convert a pdf to eps and other image formats

Posted on October 5, 2017
Tags: howto, terminal

The journal MRM required me to upload figures in eps format instead of pdf. Therefore, I needed to convert my pdfs to eps. I found two different ways:

  • Method 1

    pdf2ps input.pdf
  • Method 2

    pdftops -eps input.pdf

Both methods create input.eps. Apparently method 2 with pdftops has several advantages, see here.

To convert a pdf to other formats there is imagemagick, which offers the simple command

convert input.pdf output.[png|jpg]

with many possible options, e.g.:

  • “-density 300”, which sets the dpi
  • “-trim”, which removes any edge pixels that are the same color as the corner pixels
  • “-quality 100” sets the JPEG compression quality in percent
  • see $ man imagemagick

(For the journal article I uploaded a latex source that was compiled on there server. From the log it was apparent that the eps files got converted back to pdf (like pdflatex does), so I think there is actually no necessity for MRM to require eps instead of pdf.)