How to display world clock in Emacs

Posted on November 14, 2018
Tags: howto, emacs

Emacs has a built-in world clock! (of course)

It is handy, for example if you collaborate and set up conference calls with people in different timezones.

To run the command: M-x display-time-world

To customize the locations for which you want to see the local datetime, there is the variable display-time-world-list.

;; findout timezone location strings at
(setq display-time-world-list '(("Europe/Berlin" "Munich")
                                ("America/Los_Angeles" "Berkeley")
                                ("China/Hong_Kong" "Hong Kong")
                                ("America/Montreal" "Montreal")
                                ("America/New_York" "New York")
                                ("Europe/London" "London")

To findout the actual names for different timezone locations, I searched on